Michael Golay & Steve Fairfax present
a scientific approach to 7x24 uptime…

A Short Course for 7x24 Professionals

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pre-Conference Workshop
7x24Exchange 2007 Fall Conference

Real Availability 2007
will both challenge and change
the way you think about reliability and availability.


Michael Golay
and Steve Fairfax first met at
the Massachusetts Institute
of Technology, MIT
, and have been colleagues for a number of years. Together they have explored their mutual interest in the application of scientific analysis and PRA, Probablistic Risk Assessment, to real-world engineering problems.

Their joint projects include collaborative publications such as
Long-term Availability of the Sure Power System Installation at the First National Technology Center. 1999, (Prepared by MTechnology Inc.:D. Bruce Montgomery, Stephen A. Fairfax, Professor Michael Golay, Dept. of Nuclear Engineering, MIT; Frank Felder, Dept. of Nuclear Engineering, MIT and MTechnology, Inc.) and the development of Real Availability: A Short Course for 7x24 Professionals which they co-authored and co-taught for the first time in 2000.

Mike and Steve revise each offering of Real Availability to incorporate the latest theory and best practices in this fascinating and evolving discipline.

  Michael Golay, Ph.D.

Michael Golay
is Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, where he has made important contributions in the area of risk and reliability analysis, failure prevention and performance improvement in complex organizations.

A member of the MIT faculty since 1971, he brings extensive experience satisfying high availability requirements in nuclear power plants to similar problems supplying high quality electric energy to 7x24 organizations.

He holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Florida and a Ph.D. from Cornell University in Nuclear Engineering.

  Steve Fairfax

Steve Fairfax
is President of MTechnology, Inc., consulting engineers specializing in electric power supply reliability and failure prevention. MTech's clients include manufacturers and users of power systems for the 7x24 world.

Steve joined MTech in 1997, but he has been working with multi-megawatt power systems since his undergraduate days at MIT. He began full-time study of power system reliability while working as Managing Engineer at Failure Analysis Associates (now Exponent).

He served as head of Engineering and Operations for the Alcator C-MOD nuclear fusion reactor during its design and initial operation at the MIT Plasma Fusion Center, and as principal engineer in several Boston-area firms. Steve holds Master's Degrees in both Electrical Engineering and Physics from MIT.

Real Availability Short Course

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